I am one with the limitless and infinite Universe, beyond body, mind, emotions, and worldly identity. I am driven by goodness. I cultivate goodness within myself by seeing, listening, speaking, and writing good. I am impeccable with my words, thoughts and actions. My workouts, diet and meditation keeps me healthy. I am against drugs. My conscious awareness brings choice and choice brings results. I achieve success by doing my best with total involvement and perseverance. I am kind, humble, polite and not rude, arrogant, timid. I don’t take personally. I ask questions and don’t assume. I am creative, joyful, happy & adorable. I am presentable at all times. I am strong, bold and confident. I am powerful, focused and disciplined. I am curious, passionate and visionary. I stand up and fight for myself. I express and not repress. I am emotionally intelligent and do not get entangled. I empathize, respect and love all. I am objective and not subjective. I listen before speaking & think before acting. I experience and understand context and do not go just by words. I start with Why. I do not overthink and hallucinate. I am productive, efficient and effective. I go up, I go down, I go over, I go under, I go round, I go around, I never give up. I embrace life long learning and learn to apply, not just memorize. I retain consciousness-enhancing memories, avoiding those that pollute it. I relate, visualize, chunk, repeat, explain and teach to retain information. I priortize long term well being and resist unsolicitated temporary pleasures from drugs, seductions, eating, etc. I step back out of conscience, not cowardice. I retrospect unfavorable unexpected circumstances, identify their causes and make changes to avoid repeating them. I eliminate weaknesses and weaker elements promptly as they are damaging and prolonging may cause irreversible loss. I diligently avoid situations and experiences that compromise my principles. I accept myself and strive for improvement, being true, honest, and loving.