I work towards my wants. I am accountable, responsible, decisive, and take ownership to get things done, without tolerating negligence or making excuses. I deliver meaningful work on time, providing wow experience. I exhibit leadership, teamwork & integrity. My first accountability is towards payor agreement, followed by team agreement and lastly myself. I inform stakeholders when change in activities and priority affects agreed goals and timelines. I choose my work based on earnings multiples and passion. I am realistic and ambitious with Big Hairy Audacious goals. I earn to invest, then save and lastly spend. My post audit actions on financial investments results in greater wealth. I organize, plan and very important execute. I priortize what is agreed upon and effective, not what I like or disklike. I analyze via 5W1H - Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How; assign roles via RACIS Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed, Supported; manage via 4D - Do, Defer, Delegate, and Delete. I effectively communicate in writing; precise, clear, specific and concise expectations along with what is not acceptable. I am radically open-minded, adaptive, and free from bias or judgment. I create and modify checklists, procedures, guidelines, policies, systems, and processes to govern human behavior and achieve effective and impactful results. I prioritize the well-being of my team by providing equal opportunities and actively developing, empowering, and uplifting them, ensuring both my boss's requirements and their own self-interest are fulfilled. I accurately evaluate by gathering objective information, analyzing without bias, verifying sources, considering multiple perspectives, avoiding assumptions, applying critical thinking, staying open to change and seeking feedback to make well informed decisions. My feedbacks aligns my team energies to deliver impactful work and achieve goals. My decisions are based on factual information and are aimed at the benefit and advancement of the agreed engagement. I prioritize precedence over nepotism. I am replaceable, and my replacement can excel. My agreements are my relationships. I audit my actions regularly to ensure they align with my goals. I embrace pain for gain, confront challenges for solutions, draw motiviation from struggle, learn from mistakes and approach uncertianity with mindfulness. I make up for my faults by overdelivering before time at my own expense, given a second chance. I testify when in accordance with the law. I share details of my actions to alleviate insecurities and doubts within my team.