I care and nurture my immortal body and mind to navigate the world with strength and clarity. I build my own identity and neither imitate, nor get adversely influenced by society. I protect my assets and interests with legal ownership rights and agreements. I surround myself with energetic, uplifting, clean and pleasant environment. I seek mentors, collaborate with experts, befriend positive people, and cultivate meaningful relationships with patrons to grow and succeed. I gain trust and deepen relationships, by prioritizing others' interests, surpassing expectations, providing extra gains, completing work before agreed timelines. I am grateful to all, celebrating and spreading joy through thoughtful gestures. I understand that love is not enough on its own. I commit to building future sustainable, growing, and joyful trustable relationships. I embrace the responsibilities and accountability that come with love. I establish and maintain boundaries in my relationships, not sharing harmful information from one to the other, but only when beneficial to all parties involved. When I completely accept, considering my role and relationships, there is no need for questioning, reasoning, justifications or confirmations. I reveal unpleasant truths selectively to understanding, trustworthy individuals who can offer support, prioritize my best interest, remain unaffected, and refrain from taking it personally. I refrain from disclosing existing agreements to counterparts who were upset with past relationships and agreements. I advise the receptive, when asked for and natually to my loved ones. I am beyond and above – credit & blame, good & bad, right & wrong. I do not compare and mind my own business. I neither point fingers nor seek sympathy or solace. When I am right, I prove myself if required. I avoid gossiping and trivial discussions about people or past events. I strive to abide by all legal laws of humankind.